Dr. Tobias Luthe is Professor for Sustainability Science and Director of Research at the Institute for Tourism and Leisure ITF at the University of Applied Sciences Chur, Switzerland. He as well is a visiting professor in Sustainability Leadership and Management, University of Freiburg, Centre for Key Qualifications, Germany. Tobias holds a PhD in Environmental Sciences, a M.Sc. in Forest Sciences and Environmental Economics, and a M.A. in Education on Sustainability.
Having a background both in the natural and the social sciences, his major research interests as a sustainability scientist are related to the interaction of humans and the environment in a systems understanding – everything is connected to everything. More specific, he is interested in sustainable development from a theoretical and an applied perspective in a trandisciplinary understanding. Tobias’ research focuses on not focusing on one discipline, instead following a trans- and mulitdisciplinary approach on developing a deeper understanding for interrelations within socio-economic-ecological systems. Methods are drawn from complexity research to ecological economics to social ecology and industrial ecology. He has a strong interest in the spatial aspects of human-environment relations, including fieldwork and embedded case studies; geographical foci are the Arctic and mountain environments; applied areas are tourism and natural resources management.

Prior to his current positions, Tobias was a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Chambéry, Institut de la Montagne, France, Sustainability Manager & Head of Environmental Affairs of the German Ski Federation (DSV), Munich, Germany, and Trainee at the private Bank Sarasin, Switzerland, in Sustainable Investment Research.

Tobias is founder of Science Experience Wilderness (SEW) offering sportive outdoor trips to wild places for those looking for more than *just* a journey in the field of science communication – SEW trips are combinations of a mountain guided outdoor adventure, a study trip to learn about place and culture, a social group experience, an individual retreat, an entrepreneurial idea and project development camp, an intensive naturalist experience, a science cafe, and a networking event. Tobias is a professional certified ski mountaineering guide, ski instructor, sports teacher, wilderness guide and certified hunter. With more than 15 years of guiding experience in mountain ranges and exploring wilderness areas worldwide he has been leading scientific expeditions and mountaineering endeavors to the Arctic in Svalbard, Siberia, Alaska, Canada, Iceland, and to the Alps, South America, Japan and other places – both in winter on skis, with dog sleds and snow kites, and in summer with kayaks, climbing, mountain biking or just hiking on multiple weeks trips. Tobias combines his guiding work with his passion as an explorer and photograper.

As an eco-entrepreneur, Tobias started his own eco-entrepreneurial ski business Grown Skis, awarded with the first ISPO ecodesign price in 2008.

Check out Tobias' photography work and his main website: www.tobiasluthe.de.

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