Thomas H. Culhane

T.H. Culhane is the co-founder of Solar CITIES and is a National Geographic Emerging Explorer (Class of 2009.) He is a visiting faculty research at Mercy College in New York.
He received a Blackstone Ranch Innovations Challenge Grant to research and implement low-cost cold weather biogas digestors. Culhane believes that every household can start to eliminate their contribution to global warming, waste production, pollution and our collective addiction to oil and nuclear fuels by installing an InSinkErator and then piping the output to a home or community scale biogas digestor. He is working on modelling his Urban Planning visions in a 3-D participatory gaming environment.

Iraq is longing for renewable and sustainable energy solutions, National Geographic Explorer Thomas H. Culhane found out. It just takes a little extra time to don body armor and get through security when you’re packing food-waste grinders, solar panels, water pumps, and bio-gas systems. Culhane filed this report from his travels to Iraq, a place…