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Green Prophet is a sustainable voice for green news on the Middle East region. A region with sweeping changes and immense opportunities for sustainable investment and growth, we cover a vast and unexplored territory from Morocco to Iran. The Middle East and North Africa region includes more than half a billion people. Controlling about 60 percent of the world’s oil, and 45 percent of its natural gas reserves, and with little environmental awareness in general and dwindling water resources, the region’s activities are of immense consequence for climate change, human migration, and the future of our planet.

Comments Off on Israel to Build $1.3 Billion Solar Project… for China?

Everybody knows that China is the world leader in cheap solar. By contrast, Israel has barely begun to tap the global solar market. Yet the world’s largest solar panel producer in China, Suntech, has invited Israel’s state-owned electric utility, Israel Electric Corporation (IEC) – which has no experience in solar power at all – to…