Hidetomo Nagata

of Cities Solution Centre Japan

Hidetomo Nagata is currently the Vice President of Cities Solution Centre Japan, PricewaterhouseCoopers Co.,

Prior to joining PwC, he was a Business Development Executive at IBM Japan and Hewlett Packard, where he led smart cities initiatives in Kashiwa-no-ha, Akita, Tohoku, etc. He was a regional leader of Smart Cities Energy & Utilities service at IBM Japan, and was a lead facilitator of IBM Global Innovation Outlook in Japan, discussing low-carbon society.

He was also the chairman of General Affairs Committee in Honjo city, the member of the Akita Smart City Committee, and the delegate member of the Japan Smart Community Alliance.

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Japan is now facing three major issues: the aging population, the decline of region’s economy, and the energy stability after the Tohoku earthquake. I worked on tackling these issues as part of a “smart city” project in Kashiwanoha, 15 miles (25 kilometers) northeast of Tokyo. (See related comments made by Mr. Nagata and others at…