Erich Gunther


Erich Gunther is an IEEE Fellow, board member of the IEEE Power and Energy Society and co-founder and chief technical officer for EnerNex LLC. He has been closely involved in an array of government and private sector efforts to modernize and secure the grid, including serving as the administrator for the National Institute of Science and Technology’s Smart Grid Interoperability Project, participating in the IEEE Power & Energy Society’s Smart Grid Roadmap effort, serving as current member and past chairman of the DOE GridWise Architecture Council, lead consultant on the Electric Power Research Institute’s IntelliGrid Architecture project and consultant to the California Energy Commission, the Illinois Commerce Commission and dozens of leading power utilities in the United States.

The extreme cold temperatures experienced by a large part of the United States this month have highlighted the vulnerability of power systems equipment in such extreme weather. This week’s snowstorm led to power outages in the Northeast, but cold weather alone can be enough to cause problems: The Tennessee Valley Authority, which serves 9 million…